About Us

Hi there! I'm Chelsea, owner of Dae2Dae Events. My passion for creating/crafting started in 2015 when I began making my kids home-made Halloween costumes. Over time I began making party decorations, such as banners and large props, for their birthday celebrations, as well as items for friends and family.

I started offering items to the public in 2019 on Etsy. My small business has grown tremendously since then and I have learned so much! I have worked with hundreds of AMAZING clients and have been a part of more birthday celebrations than I can count. Something I could not imagine when I first started out! I craft full time and am a one woman shop.

I am truly grateful for each and every client I have worked with and order that I have received.

Thank you so much for your support!!

Our handcrafted party decor is the perfect addition to any celebration. Every piece is fully customizable - any theme or color scheme. All items are made to order.

  • Cake/Cupcake Toppers

    Cake/cupcake toppers are a great way to dress up a simple cake/cupcake. I offer many different types of toppers. They range from simple numbers to shakers with sequins/beadsbas well as ones that include lights. They are made of high quality cardstock paper.

  • Banners

    Some of the banners I typically make are happy birthday, name and high chair. However, I always welcome custom requests. All banners are made of high quality cardstock paper and include a ribbon for hanging.

  • Centerpieces

    Custom centerpieces are the perfect addition to your table top party decor. They are made of cardboard, foam, and high quality cardstock paper.